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Kat + Seb {Married}

Why hello 2014, you seem to have come along a heck of a lot faster than I was prepared for. But I do have something rather beautiful to start off the year with – Kat & Seb’s intimate Clarke Island wedding.

A lot of times I can tell that I’m going to click with someone right off the bat, and I could tell I’d click with Kat & Seb from the very first email. Kat’s email just exuded such warmth and care, that really extended to their wedding day planning. And then I met them in person and I think I kinda fell in love with them a little bit. Kat rocked up wearing rollers in her hair with a scarf over them, 1950s movie star style, and they were clearly smitten with each other.

We went over all the plans for their day and really, it seemed like the perfect reflection of the two of them. Kat has a sort of old-school beauty that was perfectly complimented by her gorgeous powder blue gown by Sarah Alice Andrews, even the hotel, the QT in Sydney was the perfect choice for a bit of old-school charm (as an aside, the QT hotel is absolutely amazing down to their elevators, which play different songs depending on how many people are in them! That’s the sort of quirky detail I absolutely adore).

And I just realised that this blog post is getting probably a little long, but suffice it to say that everything about Kat & Seb’s day was planned so that it reflected the couple that they are and to make sure that their intimate gathering of family & friends knew that the day was more than just about Kat & Seb, but about all of them coming together.

Venue: ceremony on Clarke Island in Sydney and reception at Tastevin Bistro & Wine Bar
Florist: Floreat – Jane Lampe
Wedding dress + hairpiece: Sarah Alice Andrews
Kat’s Shoes: Betts
Bridesmaid dress: Forever New
Hair: Vicky McFarlane
Makeup: Michael Halder
Seb’s suit: MJ Bale
Paper goods: Ruby’s Tuesday
Ceremony catering: Luxury Tastings
Music: Merpire, Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt
Celebrant: Chris North
Ferry transport: Rosman Ferry’s


claudia + jimmy {loved up}

Two people, one puppy and one crazy excited photographer = a heck of a lot of fun.

Claudia & Jimmy are two of the craziest cats I know and their love story is one heck of a tale (especially the abridged version, which you’ll now hear!). They met at a Post Office in Perth, Jimmy worked there and Claudia was traveling and needed to post some goodies, they started chatting and bam! spent the next 6 days hanging out together until Claudia had to go back to her fair London. Now, you’d think that would be the end of it, but no! After being separated for 6 months, Jimmy moved halfway around the world and moved in with Claudia. The rest is history!

Really, just spending time with them, you know they’re meant to be, they have the sweetest ease about them, and are just so enamored with each other.

I’m so excited to be able to share their Loved Up session on the new bloggy and I can’t wait to share their wedding soon too! It was rather splendiforous!

claudia-jimmy-loved-001 claudia-jimmy-loved-002 claudia-jimmy-loved-003 claudia-jimmy-loved-004 claudia-jimmy-loved-005 claudia-jimmy-loved-006 claudia-jimmy-loved-007 claudia-jimmy-loved-008 claudia-jimmy-loved-009 claudia-jimmy-loved-010 claudia-jimmy-loved-011 claudia-jimmy-loved-012 claudia-jimmy-loved-013 claudia-jimmy-loved-014 claudia-jimmy-loved-015 claudia-jimmy-loved-016 claudia-jimmy-loved-017 claudia-jimmy-loved-018 claudia-jimmy-loved-019 claudia-jimmy-loved-020 claudia-jimmy-loved-021 claudia-jimmy-loved-022 claudia-jimmy-loved-023 claudia-jimmy-loved-024

A new day is dawning


Where do I begin? I’m going to preface the enormity of this post with it might be a little all over the place, but I wanted to get out exactly the why and how and who has helped make this crazy change of a website.

They say that change is as a good as a holiday, actually, you know what? Who are these THEY that people always talk about? It seems so slightly weird to talk about them without knowing who they are.. but I digress… I’ve heard it said that change is a good as a holiday and you know what? Change is a lot more stressful than a holiday, but it is wonderful in it’s own special way. This change has been a little over a year in the making.

For those of you that know me well know that I started off in the industry as a designer, and when I started I Love Wednesdays I really wanted to be as hands on with it as I could, so I designed everything, the logo, the website, the blog, brochures, CDs, little stickers, EVERYTHING. It was (and is) my baby.

Probably about 18 months ago now, I started to see that my photography voice and my style as a designer were going in two separate directions, I shot so many wonderful couples, and got to be a part of their lives and that inspired the way that I work. With those changes, I decided to start sketching and working on new ideas, but I kept going with what I already had, maybe in a different colour, or slight variations, but I knew in my gut that I needed something radical.

It was so difficult to separate myself from something I was so close to, I lived and breathed I Love Wednesdays for years and it’s difficult to take a step back and look at it from an outsider’s perspective. It was then that I started to put feelers out trying to find a designer that I thought could be a good mesh with my voice and I also started one very epic pinterest board, which you can see HERE. I emailed, interviewed and stalked designers and none seemed like a good fit. I’m a firm believer in gut instinct & feeling and it wasn’t until I came across the work of the wonderful Cody Small from Caava Design, that it all quite literally suddenly made sense. If you’re in the need of a graphic designer, I have to tell you that I am probably one of those demanding clients from hell, I am very, VERY particular about what I like and also really protective of the little bubble that I’ve built here, and Cody was with me every step of the way. From our very first meeting, he got who I was and what I wanted. My current logo is, no a word of a lie, one of the initial concepts that Cody showed me, exactly. I remember doing a happy dance and yelling at Nick to come over and have a look. That it was “the one.” We changed the colours around, because, well I had no idea what colours I wanted and, like most design clients, the colour that I initially thought I wanted was not actually what I wanted. Nick took the handle on building the website and making sure things were pixel for pixel what Cody had designed (I am very particular about that, and I feel so fortunate that Nick puts up with my particular brand of crazy).

It’s been a journey and a half and this whole design process has been so transformative, not just for the business, but also for me. Letting go of something so important to me was, as anywho who knows me well can attest, difficult.

So, please feel free to have a look around, enjoy the fruits of our labour and let us know what you think!

And because no blog post would be complete without images, a little taste of the main site and some images that to make your day a little brighter.

xx Len

blog-post-new-site-000 blog-post-new-site-001 blog-post-new-site-002blog-post-new-site-003.2 blog-post-new-site-005 blog-post-new-site-006 blog-post-new-site-007 blog-post-new-site-008 blog-post-new-site-009 blog-post-new-site-010 blog-post-new-site-011 blog-post-new-site-012

Vy + Matt {Married}

I feel like there’s so much I could write about Vy & Matt’s wedding day, but I honestly don’t know where to start. They are just truly two of the nicest, warmest people I’ve had the fortune of meeting and their wedding day reflected just that. It really struck me how close they all were and that so very much comes through in the planning of their wedding day. Everything was about them and their families, with Vy’s sister Theresa even utilising her design wizardry to create some pretty special graphics for the day (including an amazing canvas of their love story). I dare you to look at these photos and not just smile, because their day was just filled with such warmth, love, a lot of crazy dancing and a heck of a lot of laughter.

Vy & Matt thank you so much for searching through 25 pages of google to find me and letting me be a part of your day, and big thank you to my sister-from-another-mister Brit for being a second pair of eyes.

Vy’s dress: Carla Zampatti
Vy’s shoes: Tony Bianco
Bridesmaids dresses: Zimmerman
Matt’s suite: Jack London
Groom’s shoes: Vintage
Rings: Bunda
Accessories: Mimco and Etsy
Hair: Jules Hair
Makeup: Liquid Illusion
Ceremony & Reception venue: Cafe Morso, Pyrmont
Flowers: The Fresh Group // Catering: Cafe Morso
Cake: Sugablossom
Celebrant : Robyn Pattison

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Kristin + Cory {Married | A Montrose Berry Farm Wedding}

I knew from the very first email that Kristin sent that their wedding was going to be something special, everything they did was just such a wonderful effort amongst them and their families to make their day wonderful! They were a little nervous about the ceremony and standing in front of their family & friends, so we did a first look before the ceremony with just the two of them seeing each other on their wedding day and I honestly cannot recommend it enough to couples! There’s nothing quite like seeing the person you love all dressed up and ready to get married and to be able to react in any which way that you feel like is just wonderful, intimate and natural.

Kristin & Cory were just so excited for their wedding day, and I was so excited to be able to document it. They were featured last Wednesday on the lovely Polka Dot Bride and below are some of the people who helped make their day the wonderful celebration that it was.

Location: Montrose Berry Farm, Sutton Forest
Bride’s Dress: Lisa Gowing
Bride’s Shoes: Witchery
Bride’s Jewelry: Robert Cliff
Bridesmaid Dresses: CoralieBeatrix
Groom’s Attire: Oxford
Groomsmen Attire: Roger David
Hairstylist: Mark Cole, Highlands Mobile Elite Hair and Beauty
Makeup Artist: Kerry Anderson
Bridal Party Flowers: Norwest Floristry
Decor Flowers: Francis Floristry
Invitations & Stationery: Handmade
Ceremony Officiant: Chris Smith, Citywest Church
Favors: Montrose Berry Jams
Catering: PB Catering
Coffee Cart: Charli Rogers, Fulla Beans
Cake Baker: Christie Barter
Styling: Annie Francis of Francis Floristry
Hire: Yes Event Hire