So, it would come as no surprise to those who know me how much I absolutely love albums. I own these bad boys. I feel like I should explain in the most wonderfully verbose of ways how wonderful the quality is, but the truth is, you’ll see it for yourself. So instead, what I’m going to do is tell you why I love them.

I started off loving photography as a kid, in part thanks to my parents wedding photos. They were lucky enough that we had some photographers in the family. Their album was filled with black and white photos (and a few rare colour ones!).

There’s something about holding a tangible object, touching the images, that’s very personal. I’ve since scanned the images and they sit on my desktop, not getting looked at, but those photos and that album I can and will look through whenever I visit my parents. Just like my family, your family photos should be printed and passed down the generations, so they can laugh and enjoy… and maybe even mock your fashion choices. (My father’s white suit with bell-bottoms is still a hot topic of conversation!)