1. Nick + Len = HELLO!


    I’ve been walking past a particularly dark and a wee bit depressing corner of our apartment building marveling at the amazing portraits you could do under the hideous fluorescent light, and I’m sure Nick thought the same thing when I dragged him out of the house at 11pm a few nights ago in the freezing cold to take some photos. In between me yelling at him to “look less cold” and trying not to shiver too much myself we ended up with exactly what I had pictured in my mind every time I’d walked past this little spot and even Nick’s now using it on his own website, HERE (just click “turn out the lights” and you’ll see the marvelousness).

    Sydney Portrait PhotographySydney Portrait PhotographySydney Portrait PhotographySydney Portrait Photography

    P.S. I just realised that we’re pretty much wearing matching clothes… it was unintentional, I promise.



    The light in Echuca was just awesome, glorious even. I think I could have sat in that field all day, and just taken it in. The sound, the smell, it’s not something that I will soon forget.

    With Marlene, her grandmother’s name, tattooed on her arm and wearing the dress that her grandmother was married in, Cass made a stunning subject.

    Thank you, Cass, for running through tall grass and being so amazing. Thank you to everyone else who was there and thank you Echuca for that glorious light!