About a month ago I decided to try something a little bit different. Something to challenge myself and to work in a completely different way. A little test, if you will. I always find that they’re a great way to discover a new way of working, a way to see something differently and this was no exception. This shoot came together extremely quickly with the help of my good friend, and makeup artist extraordinaire Natalie Biller.

I’ve been umming and aahing about whether to post these on the blog, they are markedly different from the weddings and lovely couples that I get to shoot, but in the end, while they may look a little different, at the heart of it they showcase who I am just as much as everything else. The create a mood and tell a story. The story in this case isn’t the story of a wedding day, but rather it’s all about a particular moment in time and the feel was inspired by one of my favourite bands, Elbow and their song Mirrorball.

“You make the moon a mirrorball,
The streets an empty stage.
The city’s sirens, violins,
Everything has changed.”

Polaroid 600SE PhotoshootPolaroid 600SE PhotoshootPolaroid 600SE PhotoshootThe lovely Chloe Rose Polaroid 600SE PhotoshootChiascuro Photoshoot with Chloe Rose, Natalie Biller, Cody Bayliss and I Love Wednesdays

For my film geek friends this was all shot on Polaroid 600SE with Fujifilm FP-100C


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