I’ve been sitting at the computer for the last half hour attempting to describe the experience I’ve had over the last few days at WPPI, but I honestly can’t. I sort of thought that it would be more about workshopping and visiting vendors, but honestly that was the smallest part of it. I’m sitting here at 2:30am with three friends and a fourth we’re all talking to on Skype and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. A few of them have already left WPPI, and by Friday I will be on the road as well and I’m ridiculously saddened that I probably won’t get to see them in person for months, maybe years.

The photos below are the culmination of a random thought that we wanted to do a photo shoot in the desert while we were here. There were only 12 of us and the photos below are modeled by the lovely Elyse Bouvier who is a talented photographer in her own right.

To my WPPI peeps, I’m going to miss you guys and I love you all and thank you so much for making this one heck of an amazing week.

To everyone reading, I hope you enjoy.



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