1. Kara + Mark // Minimbah Farm Kangaroo Valley Wedding


    Kara & Mark are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, they are just thoughtful & genuine as are all of their families and friends. The day started off for me by doing a little scenic drive down to the Kangaroo Valley and seeing some cows, which if you know anything about me, you will know my love of cows is only exceeded by my love of dinosaurs and food. So, right off the bat, I knew this day was going to be something cramazing!

    When I think about Kara & Mark, I really think of just a warm rainbow of colours, so when I got to the see both of them and their bridal parties and saw everything; the bridesmaids dresses, to the flowers, the boys ninja turtle socks; everything was a pop of warm colour, it really felt completely perfect. Their wedding day was a perfect reflection of them and their love of the outdoors, they married at the top of Minimbah Farm, overlooking the valley, with their marquee gorgeously set up above. I love when everything is happening in the one location, it feels like the party starts right from the ceremony and everyone certainly was in the loved up spirit.

    I have to say, it looks like their day was sunny and gorgeous the whole way through, but it started raining RIGHT after the ceremony, stopped long enough for us to grab some gorgeous photos and then started right up again as soon as we got back to the reception. It was almost like it was timed to perfection. They really planned their whole day to make sure everyone had a ball, including having glow sticks for the dancing portion of the evening, seeing how much fun everyone had with them, it’s definitely an awesome addition to any wedding day!

    Dress: Neroli of NEZZ
    Hairstylist: Jo Groenestyn
    Florist: Sian Gough
    Music: Dylan Wright
    Catering: Duck Duck Goose Catering
    Cake : Thea Cubis

    001-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 002-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 003-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 004-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 005-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 006-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 007-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 008-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 009-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 010-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 011-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 012-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 013-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 014-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 015-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 016-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 017-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 018-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 019-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 020-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 021-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 022-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 023-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 024-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 025-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 026-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 027-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 028-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 029-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 030-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 031-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 032-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 033-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 035-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 034-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 036-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 037-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 038-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 039-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 040-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 041-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 042-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 043-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 044-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 045-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 046-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 047-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 048-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 049-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 050-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 051-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 052-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 053-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 054-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 055-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 056-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 057-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 058-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 059-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 060-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 061-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 062-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 063-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 064-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 065-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 066-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 067-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 068-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 069-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 070-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 071-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 072-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 073-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 074-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 075-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 076-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 077-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 078-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding 079-minimbah-farm-southern-highlands-wedding

  2. Skye + Tom // Turtle’s Crossing Forster Wedding



    Skye & Tom's wedding at Turtle's CrossingLove Happens {Forster Wedding Photographer}walk this way details from weddingSass & Bide wedding dressSkye & Tom's wedding at Turtle's Crossing wedding shoesThe accessories {skye & tom's wedding}The accessories {skye & tom's wedding}bride getting makeup done at Turtle's Crossing weddingbride getting makeup done at Turtle's Crossing weddingGetting ready - Turtles Crossing WeddingGetting ready - Turtles Crossing WeddingGetting ready - Turtles Crossing WeddingGetting ready - Turtles Crossing WeddingA round of shots before the ceremonyA round of shots before the ceremony A round of shots before the ceremony Bride + Bridesmaids {Forster Wedding Photography}Groom getting ready - Forster WeddingGroom getting ready - Forster WeddingGroomsmen getting ready - Forster WeddingGenesisA special pair of Brumby undies - Forster Wedding PhotographyGroomsmen getting ready - Forster WeddingGroom getting ready - Forster WeddingA few drinks before the ceremony at Turtle's Crossing, Forster.Ceremony details at Turtle's Crossing Wedding.Ceremony details at Turtle's Crossing Wedding.Ceremony details at Turtle's Crossing Wedding.A walk to the ceremony locationA walk to the ceremony locationa very happy groom - skye & tom's wedding.Skye & Tom's Wedding CeremonySkye & Tom's Wedding CeremonySkye & Tom's Wedding Ceremonyexchanging the rings - turtle's crossing weddingthe first kiss - skye & tom's weddingSkye & Tom's Wedding CeremonySkye & Tom's Wedding CeremonyCentral Coast Wedding PhotographyTurtle's Crossing WeddingTurtle's Crossing WeddingTurtle's Crossing WeddingSydney Wedding PhotographySydney Wedding PhotographySydney Wedding PhotographySkye & Tom Wedding - Turtle's Crossing ForsterSkye & Tom Wedding - Turtle's Crossing ForsterSkye & Tom Wedding - Turtle's Crossing ForsterForster Wedding PhotographerSkye & Tom Wedding - Turtle's Crossing Forster

    I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog lately, and really there’s no excuse not to have shared the wonderfulness of Skye & Tom’s wedding earlier! They are two of the kindest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I have to say that meeting them for the first time felt like I was meeting up with two old friends and for that I am so lucky and thankful.

    Their wedding was one filled with brumby undies, shots before the ceremony, a little bit of crying, a lot of laughing, a crazy amount of dancing and kismet. There are few things I will remember as much as driving up to Foster the morning of their wedding wondering whether their lovely outdoor wedding was actually going to take place given the clouds that were forming. But, I need not have worried, as if on cue, as Skye was about to take her walk to the ceremony location, the clouds parted and we were left with the most beautiful light for the rest of the afternoon.