1. Vy + Matt // Rose Seidler House Loved Up Session


    When I first met Vy & Matt, I met with not just them, but also Vy’s sister Theresa and her boyfriend Pete and Matt’s sister Alexis. What struck me the most about this was the closeness they all shared and how important Vy & Matt’s wedding was to all of them. It would be an understatement to say that Vy & Matt are a amazeballs couple; spending an afternoon with them, and their adorable puppy Molly, at Rose Seidler House for their Loved Up Session was an absolute delight.

    Now, they claim not to like PDAs (or public displays of affection for those not down with the acronym lingo) but to see the way that they look at each other is really, truly enough to make you light up and smile. They are goofy, engaging, intriguing, wonderful people who smile with their entire bodies (which I totally didn’t think was possible).

    Vy & Matt, thank you for putting your trust in me, even when I made you stand in stairways and under gutters, it was definitely worth the laughs (and the photos, of course!).

  2. Mia & Luke // A Cockatoo Island Wedding


    It’s such an awesome thing to be able to take photos of people on their wedding day, especially when they’re clearly as totally besotted with each other as Mia & Luke are. If there was one word to sum up their day it would be laughter. Mia & Luke both work in the music industry so it was absolutely no surprise that they had some killer tunes on their day and some killer dance moves to go along with them!

    This awesome wedding was shot alongside & for the equally awesome Justin Aaron and thanks to both Justin and Mia & Luke for having me along for their day.

  3. Bringing It All Back Home


    One minute. That’s exactly how long it takes for everything in your world to change.

    One day and you can be in a completely different world.

    About a month ago now I left Sydney to fly halfway around the world to what was once my hometown, Belgrade, Serbia. It was unplanned, very last minute and something that needed to happen for family reasons.

    I hadn’t been back in 8 years, but it felt like at least 20.

    I have thought a lot whether to write about why I was there or not, and honestly I don’t think I can talk about the experience of being there without at least mentioning it. My maternal grandparents both have Alzheimer’s and dementia, and I understood intellectually that they wouldn’t recognise me, but to see the people who have been such an monumental part of my life not know who I was really hit me in a way that I didn’t expect.

    It made me appreciate what I have and the people who are in my life right at this very moment a heck of a lot more, because you really don’t know what tomorrow brings and they deserve to know how loved they are and how much I appreciate them all.

    I tried to take some time off and photograph both Belgrade and my grandparents place, I have so many fond memories of sitting in their lounge room watching old movies with my grandma, building forts out of their couch cushions with my brother and playing cowboys and indians, or playing hide and seek and thinking I could hide behind their sheer curtains.

    It’s amazing how quickly things can change.  One day, and I felt like I was taken back to being that kid.