Vy + Matt // Rose Seidler House Loved Up Session

When I first met Vy & Matt, I met with not just them, but also Vy’s sister Theresa and her boyfriend Pete and Matt’s sister Alexis. What struck me the most about this was the closeness they all shared and how important Vy & Matt’s wedding was to all of them. It would be an understatement to say that Vy & Matt are a amazeballs couple; spending an afternoon with them, and their adorable puppy Molly, at Rose Seidler House for their Loved Up Session was an absolute delight.

Now, they claim not to like PDAs (or public displays of affection for those not down with the acronym lingo) but to see the way that they look at each other is really, truly enough to make you light up and smile. They are goofy, engaging, intriguing, wonderful people who smile with their entire bodies (which I totally didn’t think was possible).

Vy & Matt, thank you for putting your trust in me, even when I made you stand in stairways and under gutters, it was definitely worth the laughs (and the photos, of course!).


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