Alana + Matt // Destination wedding in New Zealand

Sometimes I feel like this whole being a photographer thing is just totally weird and I sit there over-analysing all the things. I feel like that sometimes as I people watch, everyone has their own life, their own stories, every single person is the lead in their own little lifetime of a movie. I know that sounds random, but really we, photographers, get to be a part of such an intimate moment in people’s lives, we’re the memories, the reflection of that awesome day, the mood and the moment. The stories that couples will tell their future children are accompanied by the images from their wedding days. It feels like we get to delve into this little slice of life and shine the light on that little lifetime movie. I don’t know whether that makes sense, and my better half says that I’m an over-thinker, but I feel rather lucky to get to become a part of these days.

For Alana & Matt’s day it was a rather international affair and all these thoughts swirled through my mind at the airport as I people watched. I flew in from Sydney for their New Zealand wedding; Alana & Matt were flying in from Melbourne; Matt’s family flying in from the UK; and Alana’s family live in New Zealand, but they all congregated along the Kapiti Coast for their wedding at Greenmantle. Wedding days are a day when people do fly in from half-way around the world to celebrate with you, so it’s a double whammy of excitement to see each other after a while and wedding day excitement! And excitement there was!


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