Kate + Ben // Palm Beach Boathouse Wedding

I’ve been a bad blogger, I’ve been working on the new website for the last almost year (which sounds like a crazy long time, but it’s almost done) and I keep putting off blogging thinking “oh, when the new site goes up, I’ll blog this then.” But now the blogging queue feels slightly overwhelming. We’re heading in to the 50+ weddings to blog territory and going through them all, I’m now kicking myself for not sharing more of them. So I’m starting with this one, Kate & Ben’s gorgeous Boathouse Palm Beach wedding!

Kate & Ben’s wedding was a day was full of just the most awesome moments of joy and anticipation. Kate is a wonderful journalist and cook, and it definitely runs in the genes coming from her grandmother Margaret Fulton (I won’t lie, I’m a massive foodie and I may have gotten a touch star struck at meeting Margaret! I mean who wouldn’t?!). I really, truly don’t have enough good things to say about Kate & Ben, from our first meeting I know that they were just kindred spirits and even just the way they spoke about each other and their day, I knew it was going to be something special.

I know I talk to people a lot about unplugged ceremonies and unplugged weddings, and it’s definitely been a talking point amongst photographers and I can tell you, for me, the reason isn’t someone getting in my way or blocking a photo. I can understand how excited people are to be a part of their friends day, but I don’t think you enjoy it as much if you’re focused at looking at the back of the screen, and so much of the joy is taking photos of people during the ceremony and reception where you can see their faces, tears, and smiles.

What drives me more than anything are those little moments. That connection, when everyone is together enjoying and celebrating their two friends and the lifelong commitment they’re making.

Looking at Kate & Ben’s wedding, I can feel that intimacy and connection so much throughout the whole day, and now that I’ve rambled on, I hope you enjoy their wedding day.

These are just a few of the lovely people involved with their day:

Cake: Suzanne Gibbs
Choco Cannelle – croquembouche
Band: The Baker Boys
Florist: Flower Drum
Hair & Makeup: Samantha Powell
Wedding Dress: Johanna Johnson


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