Claudia & Jimmy // Centennial Park Loved Up Session

Two people, one puppy and one crazy excited photographer = a heck of a lot of fun.

Claudia & Jimmy are two of the craziest cats I know and their love story is one heck of a tale (especially the abridged version, which you’ll now hear!). They met at a Post Office in Perth, Jimmy worked there and Claudia was traveling and needed to post some goodies, they started chatting and bam! spent the next 6 days hanging out together until Claudia had to go back to her fair London. Now, you’d think that would be the end of it, but no! After being separated for 6 months, Jimmy moved halfway around the world and moved in with Claudia. The rest is history!

Really, just spending time with them, you know they’re meant to be, they have the sweetest ease about them, and are just so enamored with each other.

I’m so excited to be able to share their Loved Up session on the new bloggy and I can’t wait to share their wedding soon too! It was rather splendiforous!

claudia-jimmy-loved-001 claudia-jimmy-loved-002 claudia-jimmy-loved-003 claudia-jimmy-loved-004 claudia-jimmy-loved-005 claudia-jimmy-loved-006 claudia-jimmy-loved-007 claudia-jimmy-loved-008 claudia-jimmy-loved-009 claudia-jimmy-loved-010 claudia-jimmy-loved-011 claudia-jimmy-loved-012 claudia-jimmy-loved-013 claudia-jimmy-loved-014 claudia-jimmy-loved-015 claudia-jimmy-loved-016 claudia-jimmy-loved-017 claudia-jimmy-loved-018 claudia-jimmy-loved-019 claudia-jimmy-loved-020 claudia-jimmy-loved-021 claudia-jimmy-loved-022 claudia-jimmy-loved-023 claudia-jimmy-loved-024


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